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Blog Posts by Category - Economy

Stop Talking about "Bad Times"!

Guess what? Consumers don’t want to hear about the economic downturn in your ads! So many companies are trying to hitch a sales event to “bad times” that the consuming public is beginning to feel used!

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Is Summer a Better Brand than Winter?

When it comes to the Olympic Games . . . the answer may be “yes!” Advertising gurus on Madison Avenue say that selling ads and sponsorships in the upcoming winter Olympics is proving more difficult than anticipated.

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Filing Chapter 11 and Your Brand

Every day, I see more companies filing for reorganization and protection from creditors under Chapter 11 bankruptcy law. Here’s the interesting piece from a marketing perspective: The only REAL difference for many companies in the “before” and “after” filing for Chapter 11 is that now, your customers know you are in financial trouble. Your brand has been tarnished.

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