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Blog Posts by Category - Human Resources

Rebranding Isn't Just for Products!

If you find yourself downsized, laid-off, replaced by a robot or with enough time to have six small meals a day and watch Dr. Phil, maybe it’s time to make like a product and re-package, re-brand and re-launch yourself to the marketplace! (Hey, if Gatorade can reinvent itself as a health drink, imagine what YOU can do!)First...Look at Your PackageYou may have been a vice president or…
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How to be a "Best Place" to Work!

I have to do a little “horn tooting” this week. Burgess Advertising & Marketing was named one of 31 companies to the list of “2009 Best Places to Work in Maine” by The Maine State Council of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM).

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Take Care of Your Best Brand Ambassadors

As business owners and managers, we’re busy steering the ship...worrying about bills, projections and profits, along with ways to market our products and services to keep sales trending up. Don’t forget about your most important brand asset – your employees! These are the folks talking about YOUR company – YOUR brand -- with their friends – at the grocery store, church, the kids’ school, while walking Back Cove.

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Branding . . . It's a personal thing!

It’s almost May, and what’s a new college grad to do when there are no jobs in sight? It’s time to think about branding yourself, or packaging yourself, in a way that allows potential employers to really see your value – even in a market where they might not be considering hiring anyone at all!

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Are you ready for a crisis?

Every successful business has a financial plan and budget, an advertising and marketing plan and budget, and a plan for growth and expansion. However, the majority completely ignores a plan that could mean the difference between survival and disaster -- a crisis management plan.

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