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What does Super Bowl Advertising Have to Do with My Business?

With all the hype about “what Super Bowl ad did you like the best?” “Which ads were good?” “Which ones were bad?” you might be inclined to ask, “Who cares? I have 15 employees on my payroll (or 150), and we need to sell more widgets! I don’t give a rat’s nine lives about Super Bowl Advertising! I don’t even have time to run a classified ad to replace the sales rep who left last week!”

True enough on most points. But here’s one reason why you might care.

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A Solid Brand Needs Brand Champions

We talk a lot with our clients about their brand, the brand statement and translating brand promises to target audiences. Somewhere in all this lofty talk comes the first stage of brutal branding reality: "Management "gets" the new brand, but how are we going to get employees on board?"

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Promotional Items That Reflect Your Brand

'Tis the fall trade show season, and already I've collected more than my share of branded paper cubes, pens and cap snafflers! As I walk from booth to booth, I've been struck by the choices some companies make when it comes to giveaway items.

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Branding Shopping Days? What's Next?

Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Wow...remember when you just went Christmas shopping?

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Your Brand, Your Lifestyle

In the world of branding, we often talk about “living the brand,” which is the same as “be the ball” if you relate better to sports analogies. It’s understanding that what your brand delivers is way bigger than the sum of the parts. Parts being everything from your logo to your corporate culture to how your phone is answered.The brands you love and trust deliver good…
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Brand Anniversary? It's Time to Celebrate!

If your company has been around for 5, 10, 15 or more years, you have a wonderful opportunity to mark the occasion with employees, customers and potential new customers. Anniversaries provide the perfect chance to reinvigorate your brand, reignite interest in your brand, reintroduce your brand to new markets and – if you play your marketing cards right – get free exposure for your…
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Rebranding Isn't Just for Products!

If you find yourself downsized, laid-off, replaced by a robot or with enough time to have six small meals a day and watch Dr. Phil, maybe it’s time to make like a product and re-package, re-brand and re-launch yourself to the marketplace! (Hey, if Gatorade can reinvent itself as a health drink, imagine what YOU can do!)First...Look at Your PackageYou may have been a vice president or…
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Valentine's Day in the "New Economy"

The reality of how people choose to spend their more limited dollars in our “new” (read cash-poor) economy continues to reveal itself with each passing holiday. First, the buzz was all about retail spending around Christmas – would it be more, or less? More online or more in stores? And so on.With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, a number of unusual gifting options…
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Is Your Brand Contributing to the Future?

We talk a lot about what’s next: Will sales go up in 2010? Are things looking better? My question to you is: are YOU looking better? What have you done to position – or even change – your products or services to better meet the needs of your customers or clients in this nebulous “future”?Do you get the difference? It’s not about getting ready to take advantage…
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Stop Talking about "Bad Times"!

Guess what? Consumers don’t want to hear about the economic downturn in your ads! So many companies are trying to hitch a sales event to “bad times” that the consuming public is beginning to feel used!

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