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What #Hashtags Mean to Facebook

   Hashtags (#) have made their way to Facebook and within this blog I will explain what this new feature means for your personal user experience and also what it can potentially mean for your business. Below is a status I posted to my personal Facebook with a hashtag.     When you click #Hashtags a new screen will popup and any statuses available for your viewing…
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Facebook Timeline 101: Part 3

How to Use Timeline to Support Your Overall Marketing Activities

This is the third and final post in a three-part series designed to help you keep up with and take advantage of Facebook’s Timeline interface. In part one, we looked at the immediate changes that would alter your fan page’s look and feel. The second installment explored the new features that affect how your content is displayed on the Timeline. Now, we’re going to talk about how to fit Timeline posts into your overall marketing plan.

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Facebook Timeline 101: Part 1

Cover Images, Profiles and Page Tabs

Just when you were getting comfortable navigating the high seas of Facebook, Zuckerberg sends a tidal wave of new features and changes your way. This post is the first in a three-part series designed to give you a port during this storm of change.

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Want to avoid the deadliest 3 marketing plan sins?

Time to talk to Burgess now.

Ask yourself honestly: which of these three pitfalls is keeping you from developing an effective marketing plan for 2012?

  1. Failure to launch: A great marketing plan takes preparation and foresight. Waiting till it’s too late can cost you dearly.
  2. Failure to reach: It takes extraordinary efforts to reach today’s busy, multitasking consumers and businesses. Using one single medium—e.g., TV spots, trade magazine ads or Google AdWords—alone probably won’t cut it.
  3. Failure to learn: Everyone knows you shouldn’t expect different results from the same tired approach. So make sure you explore new media, creative and PR ideas every chance you get.

At Burgess, we’ve helped dozens of clients plan effectively, on time and on budget. We know how to locate your best prospects, and how to talk to them persuasively.

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Improving Open Rates for E-newsletters

If yours is like most companies, you work hard to capture a prospect’s email address. Next, you probably start sending the poor unsuspecting potential customer periodic emails; e-newsletters, new product announcements, etc. And thanks to a variety of analytics services, you can see just how many folks have opened—or not opened—your e-communications.Average open rates for email…
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What Can You Learn from Oprah?

This past week, Oprah Winfrey ended her 25 years as a daytime TV talk show host. With 18 million viewers watching the 4,560th show – the brand we know as Oprah bid us all a grand-beyond-imagination farewell, leaving no doubt that she left on her terms and on a very high note.I was thinking about the attributes that make Oprah the poster child for successful personal branding. Whether you…
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Want to Sell More? Look at the Packaging!

Do you have a product or service that’s just not moving? On the surface, it seems to meet a critical need, the price seems reasonable and when you tell potential clients or customers about it, they like the idea. Heck, a few have even bought once you explained it to them. Wait . . . come again? They bought your product or service when you were able to explain it? That’s when you know you have a packaging problem — a marketing and branding problem — NOT a product problem!

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How you Write DOES affect what THEY think!

Yes, I know we are in the age of texting. Yes, I know shortcuts in language are fairly easily understood, even by folks over the age of 30. But “somebody” forgot to tell the millions of unemployed currently looking for jobs in business that writing clearly and concisely is STILL critical to success in the workplace.

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How Much Harm Can One Unhappy Customer Do?

Think one disgruntled customer can’t hurt your company that bad? Think again!

One-quarter of U.S. consumers are far more likely to spread the word about a bad experience or product than a good one, according to Colloquy's latest research into word-of-mouth sharing practices.

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Living Your Brand Behind the Podium

As a business leader or owner, nowhere is your brand more on the line than when you are making a speech or giving a presentation. Why? Because – for better or worse – you ARE the brand; you are a walking, living, breathing testament of exactly what your company’s brand stands for!

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