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Facebook Timeline 101: Part 1

Cover Images, Profiles and Page Tabs

Just when you were getting comfortable navigating the high seas of Facebook, Zuckerberg sends a tidal wave of new features and changes your way. This post is the first in a three-part series designed to give you a port during this storm of change.

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Want to avoid the deadliest 3 marketing plan sins?

Time to talk to Burgess now.

Ask yourself honestly: which of these three pitfalls is keeping you from developing an effective marketing plan for 2012?

  1. Failure to launch: A great marketing plan takes preparation and foresight. Waiting till it’s too late can cost you dearly.
  2. Failure to reach: It takes extraordinary efforts to reach today’s busy, multitasking consumers and businesses. Using one single medium—e.g., TV spots, trade magazine ads or Google AdWords—alone probably won’t cut it.
  3. Failure to learn: Everyone knows you shouldn’t expect different results from the same tired approach. So make sure you explore new media, creative and PR ideas every chance you get.

At Burgess, we’ve helped dozens of clients plan effectively, on time and on budget. We know how to locate your best prospects, and how to talk to them persuasively.

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Connecting the Communications Dots

If I see any new trend in social marketing for 2011, it’s connecting the communications dots. For many companies, 2010 was the first step into expanding their e-communications:

  • Companies switched from print newsletters to e-newsletters (or at least offered their clients and customers the option of getting information by email or in print.)
  • Businesses dipped their collective toe into social media. They beefed up their Facebook pages, they started Tweeting and began to explore Foursquare, YouTube, blogs and other online avenues for connecting with key target audiences.

But in many cases, these first efforts were NOT always connected to each other...

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Guerilla Marketing: a Grassroots Approach to Marketing

Everyone loves to believe that guerilla marketing – a grassroots approach to getting attention for your product or company – is the great panacea...the one idea that will work even in a down economy. Sure, it can be cheaper than paid advertising and garner more media attention than traditional send-out-a-press-release PR methods, but what if it backfires?

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