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Burgess is on an EnRoll!

August 5, 2014, 3:52 PM

Burgess covers all the marketing bases to help Mainers get covered. Campaign for enroll207.com achieved best-in-the nation Obamacare enrollment.


Everyone remembers the loud cries of pain from visitors to healthcare.gov last fall. But  despite the technical problems on the national level, Maine quietly crushed our state's health insurance enrollment goals, thanks to the efforts of the Maine Health Access Foundation (MeHAF), the state's largest private nonprofit health foundation. 

Burgess is proud to have played a part in this success by creating and managing a multi-pronged campaign promoting MeHAF's enroll207.com website. Our diverse tactics included:

  • TV, radio, transit, print and online ads
  • PR and social media 
  • a plethora of collateral pieces
  • small business forums...and much more

One of the first vehicles we recommended was bus signage,
featuring eye-catching graphics that appealed to the surprisingly
diverse population in Maine's three largest cities.


What's more, we accomplished all this in a very short time, starting less than a month before the federal website went live October 1, 2013, through the March 31, 2014 open enrollment deadline.


A particular challenge was persuading young adults to sign up for health insurance. To reach them, we created specially targeted TV spots early on, and later recruited real people to tell their personal stories about getting covered. Our print ads used a slightly edgier tone to get the attention of this hard-to-reach group:


Campaign Results:

  • Awareness of the enroll207.com website went from 0 to 36% in the first two months of the campaign. 
  • Maine has enrolled the highest number of people per capita of any state at the end of the first open enrollment period. 
  • Together, Burgess, MeHAF, and the enroll207.com coalition were able to overcome the federal website's rollout problems and help 44,258 Mainers get coverage-92.4% above the original goal!


Thanks to everyone's hard work and MeHAF's commitment to our wide-ranging campaign, a lot more Mainers now have the peace of mind that health insurance provides. Click here for more about the campaign.

We also created spots featuring the highly effective assisters and navigators throughout Maine who tirelessly explained the new healthcare options to individuals and provided one-on-one help signing up for coverage.

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