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Measurable results: that's what Burgess's inbound marketing program delivers to ITS

February 11, 2015, 12:35 PM

ITS, Inc. is a Southern Maine-based full-service information technology company that specializes in IBM products and services, including server virtualization, staff augmentation and storage networking. When ITS first approached Burgess in early 2013, their objective was simple: to build a marketing program that generated bottom-line results.
After gaining a thorough understanding of ITS's business model, we proposed and implemented an inbound marketing program that focused on generating high-quality leads for their business development team. Tactics included: 

  • Blogging regularly (two times per month)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM), primarily Google AdWords
  • Social media management (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Targeted landing pages, such as the one below for ITS's new Hawkeye storage data monitoring software

  • Use of a third-party tracking software 
  • Website optimization (SEO, form building, calls-to-action, etc.)
  • Monthly project status meetings to review analytics and enhance the web presence accordingly

The key to the effectiveness of our campaign was LeadFormix software, which--through the use of various tracking methods--helps identify anonymous visitors to the ITS site. Every hit to the site was automatically assigned a lead score based on its similarity to ITS's ideal prospect, using factors such as industry, company size, annual revenue, number of pages viewed, number of repeat visits and geography--the higher the score, the hotter the lead. All this information was accessible in real time and stored in a user-friendly online dashboard. 


As ITS's Rob Connary said, "Burgess's inbound approach generated more potential clients than any traditional outbound approach we've ever tried." The supporting metrics of this program were also strong. For example, year-on-year analytics revealed:

  • a 50% increase in overall traffic
  • a five-fold increase in organic search traffic
  • a six-fold increase in referral traffic to the ITS site

"These increases meant more leads for our software to identify and more valuable data to act on," Connary noted.

If your sales team could benefit from more quality leads, contact Matt Burgess, our Digital Marketing Manager, at (207) 775-5227 or email to: matt@burgessadv.com.


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