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Support your local MAD MAN: Burgess's own Dan Routh!

August 24, 2010

Check out Dan's casting-contest photo and give him your vote.As regular viewers of the hit series on AMC know, Mad Men has teamed up with Banana Republic to pick the best fan photo for a walk-on role on an upcoming show. We think our Creative Director, Dan Routh, has one of the most authentic entries in a crowded field. His impeccable sense of 1960s ad-man style could give Don Draper a run for…

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Burgess Voted One Of Maine's Best places To Work For Second Year

August 16, 2010

Burgess Advertising & Marketing has been named as one of the finalists in the Best Places to Work in Maine for the second consecutive year. The finalist list is made up of 40 companies ranging in size from 15 employees to 250+ employees. Overall winners will be announced in October. The "Best Places to Work in Maine" is a statewide survey and awards program designed to identify…

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It Takes More Than "Word-of-Mouth"

August 5, 2010

I just read another article entitled, “The Best No Cost Marketing Available – Word of Mouth!” and I have a bone to pick with this concept. But first, let me acknowledge: referrals from current and happy customers are important. That said, if you depend solely on current and happy customers telling others to buy your product or use your service, don’t plan on busting off…

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Brand Anniversary? It's Time to Celebrate!

July 29, 2010

If your company has been around for 5, 10, 15 or more years, you have a wonderful opportunity to mark the occasion with employees, customers and potential new customers. Anniversaries provide the perfect chance to reinvigorate your brand, reignite interest in your brand, reintroduce your brand to new markets and – if you play your marketing cards right – get free exposure for your…

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World Cup, Super Bowl and YOUR Brand!

June 30, 2010

Can the World Cup outshine the Super Bowl for brand awareness?A number of big traditional Super Bowl advertisers think so, including beer-favorite, Anheuser-Busch, Visa, and Coca-Cola Co. These advertising giants, along with Sony and Samsung, developed World-cup-specific television ads and let their media budgets loose to influence the 100 + million viewers for 30 days over 64 games. (For the…

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Rebranding Isn't Just for Products!

May 24, 2010

If you find yourself downsized, laid-off, replaced by a robot or with enough time to have six small meals a day and watch Dr. Phil, maybe it’s time to make like a product and re-package, re-brand and re-launch yourself to the marketplace! (Hey, if Gatorade can reinvent itself as a health drink, imagine what YOU can do!)First...Look at Your PackageYou may have been a vice president or…

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The Dark Side of Social Media

April 27, 2010

We are all encouraged to dive into the social media maelstrom. Get a Facebook page for your business! Write a blog! Tweet your big news!Sure, it’s great to get information on your products and services out to potential customers and clients who turn to the web for information. But the problem with social media is that it is, well . . . social. It’s interactive. Your Facebook page and…

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How Wonder Bread Can Help Your Business!

April 7, 2010

The “Balloon Bread” is back! And, it’s every bit as healthy as it was in 1950. Yes...I said “healthy!” Or at least that’s the branding story of Wonder Bread! Here’s how it reads:Wonder Bread, circa 1925 – the message: America’s first sliced bread.Wonder Bread, circa 1950 – the message: fortified with 8 essential vitamins and minerals…

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It's All in the Packaging!

March 23, 2010

I’m struck today about how easily we are influenced not only by what we see, read and hear, but more importantly by how it’s delivered. I ran across a statistic today: having quotation marks in your headline results in a 28 percent increase in response rate. What? You’re kidding me, right? But, what if the quotation marks were around a misstatement of facts? Does that matter?…

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Consumers Have to Power to Change a Brand

March 16, 2010

Remember the TV commercials over the past 6 months from the “corn people” (aka the Corn Refiners Association) explaining that high fructose corn syrup isn’t really bad for you...that’s it’s just corn? Looks like the Make-High-Fructose-Corn-Syrup-Look-Benign branding project may well have seen better days.Educated moms still don’t want their kids to ingest…

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