Eurekafying your brand. 

Phase 1: Discovering your brand essence.

What is your brand position? Does it differentiate you? What would you like it to be? And what can we do together to change it?

The EurekafyTM Method is a process designed to help identify—or in some cases validate—your brand essence, or position. It’s risky to merely think you know what it is, because the truth is, if what you think your brand position is does not align with how your customers and prospects perceive it, you face an uphill battle with your marketing and communications.

That’s why it’s so important for your brand position to be, among other things, a believable representation of what the brand is all about, what it stands for. Our EurekafyTM Method is designed to help you identify a brand essence or position that sets your brand apart in a compelling, unique and believable way.  Because that unique position is the key to developing a consistent messaging platform that helps drive the change, impact and results you’re seeking.

We call it The EurekafyTM Method because the unique, compelling position invariably reveals itself in an “aha” or “eureka” moment while analyzing the results of the interviews, research, customer journey mapping, competitive analysis and Positioning Statement development that form the core of the approach. Another important product of this phase is an agreed-upon set of objectives that will define success with your branding, marketing and communications efforts.

Get more details on each element of the brand discovery phase of the The EurekafyTM Method.

Anything but cookie cutter: a note on flexibility

The EurekafyTM Method has built-in flexibility to match your goals, the marketplace challenge and your budget. For instance, the process may involve rigorous quantitative research, or a more modest effort based on qualitative customer and prospect interviews. Other elements of the process, such as the competitive analysis, can also scale accordingly.


Phase 2: Communications, Eurekafied—transforming your marketing.

Whatever the details and scale of the brand discovery effort, the resulting reports, customer journey mapping and brand positioning statement will guide and inspire all the design, messaging and creative that breathes new life into the brand. In the process, it will help you reach agreed-upon objectives for the Communications Plan that is developed in Phase 2 of The EurekafyTM Method.

A key element of the Positioning Statement is a series of what we call the Reasons to Believe. These statements support the chosen position and identify why a customer or prospect can believe the implied promise of the brand position—why they should actually care and have a good feeling about it. These help drive the messaging, which will be refined for each audience segment.

In addition, tactical media recommendations will be shaped by the customer journey mapping to ensure we deliver the right messages to specific audiences in the right context (the right media environment) at key moments of influence.

In short, the plan will strategically align with the customer journey and be designed to move the target audiences along a continuum that starts with creating initial awareness and ends with the achievement of the agreed-upon objectives.

The digital factor

In today’s online world, digital is essential. Everyone knows this at some level. You may or may not have a good grasp on it. Nevertheless, you’ve likely heard enough buzz that you know you ignore it only at your peril.

On the strength of a Media Strategy Director who has 15 years of digital media planning and buying experience, Burgess boasts an unusually strong understanding of how to use digital, including social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to best deliver on any client objective.

Fully steeped in digital ad technologies and cutting-edge targeting strategies, you can expect virtually any communications plan that results from the Eureka Method to include at least some digital communications. Simply put, with the ever-increasing growth of digital media consumption today, even among older adults, it just makes sense. 

Measurement and Accountability

The final step of Phase 2 is to define the measurement plan. We establish key performance indicators (KPIs). Then, on a periodic basis, we will track and optimize to meet or exceed these agreed-upon KPIs.

Monthly performance reporting to share results help you feel confident that our campaign is delivering on the stated goals. You can also expect us to routinely evaluate our strategy and approach and refine our methods as needed based on market insights and campaign results to ensure we are running as effectively and efficiently as possible.


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