Once your brand has been Eurekafied, the following Burgess services can help you transform your marketing.

Logo Development: An at-a-glance differentiation of—and connection to—your brand.

As the visual representation of your brand, a logo is part of what sets you apart. It’s something we’ve done for hundreds of clients over 36-plus years. From concept sketches through final art, Burgess can design a distinctive mark that not only reflects well on your brand, but also creates an at-a-glance connection with your audience.

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Copywriting: Clear, concise, moving

We write compelling—and often award-winning—copy for virtually every medium, including social media. We are efficient, pride ourselves on attention to detail and work collaboratively with you to produce engaging content that best fits your marketing and communications needs.

Broadcast Creative & Production: Leveraging the storytelling power of the medium.

Burgess has a long history of creating and producing TV, radio and video content that touches the hearts and minds of an audience. And if awards are any indication of their power, you’ll find them when you visit us. Today, more and more of that content is designed or shared online and the results there—of which we take great pride—are the real measure of their effectiveness.

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Graphic Design: Making the message accessible through clean typography and engaging visuals

Burgess’ long history in the New England marketplace has produced a reliable track record of designing effective and balanced digital, print and broadcast elements that support our clients’ marketing and communications efforts. Our design capabilities range from logo development to brochures and collateral materials to advertising for all print and digital media—all with client satisfaction in mind for the end result.

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Website Design, Support & Revitalization: Enhancing your presence and performance online

One of the first—if not the first—places that consumers look when making a decision about your business or organization is your website. We understand the importance of a website that is eye-catching, easy to navigate and informative. It also needs to support other marketing tactics you employ, so it’s important that it can evolve and remain fresh.

To those ends, Burgess has created, launched and maintained sites across dozens of industries using state-of-the-art hosting platforms. And our routine monitoring and maintenance services ensure the highest level of performance possible, with appropriate levels of SEO.

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Digital Marketing & Media Buying: Pinpoint targeting, so you reach the right audience, in the right context, at key moments of influence.

When it comes to digital marketing, Burgess knows how to get your message in front of qualified targets—wherever they are online. That is, we implement digital ad technologies and cutting-edge targeting strategies that cost-effectively reach out directly to your most relevant audiences.

It all begins with setting key performance indicators (KPIs). Then we track, measure and provide regular reporting to help you feel confident about the success and ROI of your campaign. To that end, we vigilantly monitor results throughout the campaign to refine and optimize targeting and delivery in real time as campaign data rolls in.

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Traditional Media Buying: Reaching your target on the page and on the air.

As one of the most experienced print and broadcast media planning and buying agencies in the Maine market, Burgess has worked with hundreds of both consumer and B2B clients on the local, regional, and national levels. You can count on Burgess’ experience in researching and crunching the numbers, as well as leveraging our excellent working relationships with the media, to achieve ideal ad placement and deliver maximum cost-efficiency for your media buy.

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End-to-End Print Production: Even in today’s digital dominant world, printing has its place.

Whether it’s for labels, business cards, or that high-end brochure designed to make a tactile, visceral impression, printing remains an important arrow to have in your marketing quiver. As an agency that has been around for 35 years, Burgess has been designing and printing marketing communications materials longer than virtually any agency in the state. We’ve designed printed materials of every kind and select the most appropriate press for every job for timely delivery of the highest quality finished product at the right price.

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Public Relations: Getting your story out

Burgess’ on-staff public relations specialist has an extensive background in local broadcasting and journalism with several years of experience as a reporter in northern New England. As a result, you story will benefit from an acute understanding of how to best tailor PR tactics to appeal to reporters and press contacts serving the most relevant audiences.

Today’s media world operates at a fast pace and our public relations approach mirrors that with efficient and direct strategies ranging from advisory services to full public relations management – including press release research and writing, media outreach and publicity coordination for stories, interviews, etc.