Client Story

Client Story

We’ve helped this centuries-old family business
express a new, customer-centered focus.


The Situation

After Chalmers Insurance Group expanded south from the Lakes Region of Maine and New Hampshire in the 2010s, they faced a branding challenge: how to integrate the smaller agencies they had acquired into a coherent Chalmers identity, while highlighting the agents’ strong local connections. At the same time, Chalmers wanted to position itself vs. national direct insurers advertising heavily on TV, as competitively priced but with better service.

Our Strategy 

Our initial campaign introduced corporate and local managers to the newly expanded Chalmers market as a team of “Local Heroes,” touting their professional experience and strong community ties. We incorporated the new theme into a revamped website, and local print, radio and online ads targeting the firm’s challenging geography.

Our second campaign invited consumers and businesses to join the newly consolidated “Chalmers family,” featuring customer testimonials about concrete benefits of working with Chalmers, while highlighting the firm’s fourth-generation family ownership.


Chalmers reported that the campaign has successfully:

  • integrated its new offices into a coherent brand;
  • provided a platform to grow in the larger southern Maine market; and
  • cemented its image as offering the best of both worlds: local connections and knowledge, combined with competitive pricing.