Client Story

Client Story

"Working with them is a pure pleasure because they’re so imaginative—what they produce exceeds our expectations every single time."


Our themes for this broadcasting pioneer
are as innovative as their newest products.

The Situation

Founded in 1942 and headquartered in Raymond, Maine, Dielectric designs and builds the world’s most sophisticated broadcast antennas and signal-transmission solutions. For decades, Burgess has helped Dielectric promote and explain its highly technical products. Starting in 2017, Dielectric’s 75th anniversary year, we heightened and sharpened the company’s image as a leader in broadcasting technology, in preparation for the FCC’s TV channel “Repack.”

Our Strategy 

Leading up to the 75th anniversary, we helped Dielectric upgrade the foundations of its brand image by:

  • Revamping the logo and adding new theme lines;
  • Writing and designing a new website, print ads, corporate brochures, sales sheets and catalogs; and
  • Crafting new lobby signage.

In 2017, we began targeting Dielectric’s ambitious goal to become the leading supplier of the thousands of antennas and accessories needed for the FCC’s auction-based spectrum reallocation, starting with a “Repack Guide.”

For the 2018 and 2019 National Association of Broadcaster (NAB) conventions, we designed large scale booths and collateral materials with engaging themes to support the company’s leadership in the Repack, its continued global reach, and the launch of new products.


By adding a new facility in Lewiston, and expanding its workforce, Dielectric has managed—barely—to keep up with a record number of orders for TV and radio antennas and other products to meet the Repack needs of thousands of U.S. broadcasters. The company is by far the leading Repack manufacturer, and has just launched a new RF system monitoring product we helped brand as RFHawkeye.

We’re proud to be a trusted partner for this innovative and globally competitive company that continues to manufacture its complex, high-quality products right here in Maine.