Client Story

Client Story

As the Maine Turnpike Authority adjusts its tolls, a Maine E-ZPass now makes more sense than ever for travelers who want to save time and money.

The Situation

Most Mainers—but not all—have long used the Maine E-ZPass to save time and money while traveling the Maine Turnpike between Augusta and the New Hampshire border. In late 2021, the Maine Turnpike Authority (MTA) needed to raise tolls for the first time in a decade, to recoup its investment in infrastructure that improves drivers' experience, like the new Yok plaza with open-road tolling.

The toll adjustment favors drivers with a Maine E-ZPass in each car—the perfect opportunity to make the case again to travelers who still hadn't equipped their cars with one.

Our Strategy

We worked with MTA leadership to develop a multi-channel campaign that overlapped with the fare adjustment, starting at the beginning of November 2021. Our process included:

  • Transforming the outdated website with a more memorable URL,, and a more engaging design that graphically highlights the benefits of owning a Maine E-ZPass;
  • Researching characteristics of Maine drivers and residents to create a highly focused digital media campaign that served up ads across the Internet;
  • Designing signage for the “Cash” lanes of every turnpike entrance and exit, encouraging drivers to save time and money by purchasing a Maine E-ZPass;
  • Writing and producing radio spots to run on local stations, showcasing the benefits of a Maine E-ZPass; and
  • Creating rack cards for use at visitor centers throughout Southern Maine, detailing how a Maine E-ZPass saves time and money.