Client Story

Client Story

Our total rebranding of this association as it neared its 50th anniversary captured the magic of a summer day on the water in Maine.

The Situation

Maine Lakes Society (MLS), originally formed in 1970 as the Maine Congress of Lakes Associations to protect and preserve Maine’s lakes, ponds and watersheds for future generations. A new Executive Director was authorized by the Board to initiate a rebranding program, including a new logo, a new website and a standardization of all print materials, in order to better promote MLS’s message, mission and membership.


MLS’s activities are administered through a complex network of 130 lake associations—plus about 1,000 dues-paying individual memberships. Much of the information on the website was outdated or simply incorrect. The organization needed to refresh its brand, without alienating its core base. 


  1. New Identity 
    We worked closely with MLS leadership to examine its name and logo/branding, and create a fresher, more concise way to express their identity.
  2. Expanded Use 
    We also worked closely with MLS leadership to adapt any new branding to the organization’s upcoming 50th anniversary and to its iconic LakeSmart program.
  3. Website
    Recognizing that the MLS website is the primary way in which lake associations and individuals interact with the organization, we substantially overhauled it, to coordinate with and optimize the new branding.


The client was extremely happy with our ability to successfully implement a number of sweeping changes that updated and enhanced the organization:

  1. We simplified their name to Maine Lakes, and updated the URL from the cumbersome to
  2. We created a distinctive new logo, conveying an outdoorsy feel, and applied the design to LakeSmart and Maine Lakes’ upcoming anniversary.
  3. We completely re-imagined and launched a new website that condensed and clarified Maine Lakes’ many offerings.
  4. We provided a visual brand standards document for all subsequent material.